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THE BUSTINATOR legend began like every good Bon Jovi song. In Jersey baby…and then quickly escaped to upstate NY. 


Though a small piece of Jersey must have stuck, getting his hands dirty was a religion; racing BMX bikes, fixing cars, and tearing apart motorcycle engines just to see what made them tick. 


He once built a 2,200 square foot home with nothing but tough love and harsh language. Did I mention he was 12 years old, what were you doing at 12? Never mind I'm sure it was important.

His years as a young man are mostly shrouded in mystery, though some that claim to have known him best tell stories of snowboards, Z. Cavariccis, scuba diving and rocket jumping...yes rocket jumping.


At his peak he lost the ability to say the word "impossible" and could sell the gum under your shoe. 


He has since hung up his rocket boots and settled in Holly Springs, North Carolina, with his beautiful wife, daughter and shih-poo (The Gizz). Hoping to pass on his life and business playbook to the next generation of entrepreneurial spirits.

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